Company Formation

Onshore, mid-shore and offshore

The formation of a company can be surprisingly complex, both at home and overseas. With no two markets the same, procedures, timelines, languages, costs and requirements can differ wildly - not only from country to country but also in different states and provinces.

TMF Group, with over 6,500 experts in more than 80 countries, is the world’s leading expert in company formations. We offer a full spectrum of company formation services and are seasoned experts in incorporating companies in over 80 countries (all major onshore, mid-shore and offshore jurisdictions).

The complexities of setting up an entity can vary considerably country by country, state by state, and province by province. Each has its own procedures, bureaucracy and mandatory processes that determine set-up timelines and how fast a company can legally commence business.

For example, the entity type may not be applicable for its purpose according to local regulations, the timelines to obtain tax numbers may be too tight and local authorities may demand more forms to be written in hand and submitted in person. Very soon what was supposed to be the start of an exciting period of growth suddenly becomes a time consuming journey overwhelmed with unexpected paperwork.

Our local offices are staffed by experienced company secretaries, lawyers and paralegals with several decades’ worth of experience in incorporation. Our experts not only speak the local language but have detailed knowledge of their jurisdiction (its laws, customs and culture) with regular, direct contact with the local authorities in every country we operate in so we are on top of changes as, and when, they happen. We are able to offer fixed fee and single currency invoicing if preferred and we are compliant with all international and local tax regulations supported by robust Know Your Client (KYC) and anti-money laundering processes.

A Range of Corporate Secretarial Services

In addition to company formation services, we can offer:

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