EU Whistleblowing Directive services

The EU Whistleblowing Directive sets a minimum standard of protection for those who report breaches of European Union law. All EU member states had to adopt the regulations, with all jurisdictions having to make them law by 17 December 2021. 

Implementation poses a huge challenge. In addition to the many procedural requirements, it can be difficult to convince employees to come forward. This may be a result of stigma attached to whistleblowing in some cultures and societies.

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What is the EU
Whistleblowing Directive?

Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law (the EU Whistleblowing Directive) has been implemented by all EU member states. It is intended to set a minimum standard of protection for whistleblowers across the EU.

Companies with 50 or more employees, or turnover of €10M or more per annum, are obliged to implement a whistleblower system. Public institutions, authorities, as well as municipalities with a population of 10,000 or more, will also have to comply with the directive and put whistleblowing processes in place.

Key factors when implementing
whistleblowing processes include:

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Adopting a whistleblowing policy – connected to an organisation’s code of conduct and values – that is seen and promoted as an important risk management tool. 

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Communication and training

Training on the purpose of the policy, how to access the whistleblowing channels, what protections and level of confidentiality are available, and what the process would involve, including the information required from employees as part of investigating a report.

Directive services

TMF Group’s whistleblowing services include facilitating an online platform, a whistleblowing policy and an impartial whistleblowing officer to ensure organisations  comply with the requirements of the Directive. 

This combination helps ensure that employees can submit their reports anonymously and track the progress of their submission, from when it is newly assigned in the system to its conclusion.

Why use TMF Group?

We can be the one point of contact for whistleblowing services, dealing with non-applicable/non-relevant allegations and engage with all stakeholders where allegations are relevant.

We act as an impartial third party, outside of the hierarchical structure of your organisation, to ensure the protection of the interests of a whistleblower under the regulation.

TMF Group has whistleblowing experts across all EU member states.
For further details of TMF Group’s whistleblowing services, make an enquiry with us today and we can help you further understand and discuss how the Directive affects your company.

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